Restaurant Menu

At Queen’s Chopstick, we strive for you to have a unique dining experience from exotic flavors and options to the great service found from friends. We prepare all of our dishes to order, offer a great selection of homemade authentic appetizers, a complete menu of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes as well as refraining to use any added MSG. We find that this creates the best atmosphere as well as fresh bold flavors to all that we prepare. We aim for the best in all that we do and know you will find this to be true.


We strive to maintain the highest of quality and best flavors in all that is prepared. All dishes are made to order and all appetizers are made from scratch to achieve this.


We do not add MSG to any of our dishes, and strive to find ingredients that are MSG-free.


We aim to use the freshest and best tasting meats, seafood and vegetables in the preparation all of our meals.


We aim to offer the largest selection of choices in our menu for those who must maintain a gluten-free diet. Our gluten-free sauces are made with either gluten-free soy sauce and/or with ingredients that are gluten-free.


We can prepare any of your favorite dishes for vegetarians or vegans, substituting tofu as appropriate. Our vegetarian dishes and soup stocks contain no animal by-products but are still delicious and full of flavor.